Waist pouch commission, final thoughts.

Finishing a project is always a bitter sweet moment for me. Everything that was in potential, is finally fixed and you see if you have achieved everything you set out to do. Are the lines right, does the colour work. is the customer going to be happy? Have you fulfilled the brief? I always feel a little sad after I finish a project, happy that its complete, but I so enjoy the process of creation that its always a little disappointing when it ends. 

But I think I have done this one justice. The combination of the old and new leathers really works and the red thread sets it off a treat without being too bold. 

Its a combination of metropolitan leather’s Lamport for the main body and belt, and some 60 year old Sedgwick’s bridle for the gusset and strap detailing. Hand sewn with 0.6m red tiger thread at 8 and 9 spi. Gusset was sewn in S-style to give that lovely swell to the front. An inner pocket was created by sewing in a section of goat skin as the back was sewn on.


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